mgm A12

A partner community approach to build and run business software

We bring applications into production!
For over two decades mgm develops web applications
for Commerce, Insurance and Public Sector: Highly scalable, secure, robust.
More than 500 colleagues represent our mission:
Innovation Implemented.


A12 is an extendable development platform for web based business applications. It provides developers with a rich and robust set of secure, scalable and operations-proof components and client/server application infrastructure. A12 enables business analysts to define major parts of the application via models using a set of convenient tools.

Share assets across projects

Customers benefit from:

  • Robust high-quality software and a short time-to-market
  • Synergies and knowledge transfer across projects
  • Future-proof applications that can adapt to changing business needs
  • New features coming from other projects and mgm‘s R&D efforts

mgm provides:

  • A constantly refined state-of-the-art technical environment
  • A growing set of A12 tools, components and best practices
  • Well-established processes between developers, analysts and UI/UX experts
  • A dedicated expert team and the results of many years of R&D

Enable analysts to create applications

Rely on a model-oriented architecture