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The development process of business applications is currently facing significant technological changes. More and more functionality is moved to the client side based on Javascript technologies. The trend is toward Single Page Web Applications. Equally important are well-wrought UI/UX concepts and the support of both desktop and mobile devices. The architecture of A12 addresses these challenges and provides the basis for developing modern web-based business applications.

State-of-the-art technology stack

The A12 architecture is built upon a carefully selected set of tried-and-trusted technologies. All engines are implemented in JavaScript and can easily be integrated into websites as runtime components – for example in AngularJS applications. Clients and server communicate via REST using HTTP with XML- or JSON-formatted content. Many functions can be used both on the server-side and the client-side. The A12 Validation library for example brings along a client-side JavaScript library and server-side Java library for rule-based validations.

Client Application Template (CAT)

CAT is a preconfigured build setup. It provides support for the following tasks in web application development:

  • Setup a new project / update an existing project
  • Automated build, packaging (npm based), advanced componentization and bundling
  • Typesafe development
  • HTML and CSS templating
  • Rapid development (hot deployment, browser syncing)
  • Code documentation
  • Complete stack for automated headless and browser tests execution and reporting


Client Application Framework (CAF)

The Client Application Framework is a collection of node modules for using the A12 Engines in AngularJS-based SinglePageApplications. It is intended for Typescript-based JavaScript projects which work with Stylus-based CSS transpiling. CAF is used to configure, customize and orchestrate the A12 engines. It brings along advanced navigation features with support for deep state retaining.