Concepts and introductory articles

Digitization brings along profound changes in all industries – from reorganized business structures to more demanding customer expectations. In terms of software, digital business calls for highly adaptive applications and robust implementations in short timeframes. The following articles sketch out how A12 speeds up application development and helps to seize new opportunities in digital business.

How A12 works – From models to applications

mgm A12 is a model-driven approach to business software. It provides a set of concepts, components and tools for creating modern, document-oriented web applications.
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A12 project workflow and development

Speed up the creation of web applications and reduce custom development efforts: How are these objectives reflected in the workflow? And what about individual requirements?
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Data first – The modeling philosophy of A12

A12 is all about models. But what exactly can you model as a business expert? What are the benefits of having different models for data and the user interface? And how does A12 differ from GUI builders?
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Plasma Design – UI/UX for business applications

Interface and interaction design usually take up a lot of time and effort in individual software projects. Plasma Design by mgm aims at speeding up the process. It focusses specifically on business applications.
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„The core idea of the framework is the separation of subject-specific matters from technology“
Ansgar Weiss explains where the ideas of A12 come from.
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