How A12 works – From models to applications

mgm A12 is a model-driven approach to business software. It provides a set of concepts, components and tools for creating modern, document-oriented web applications.


Decouple domain-specific information from development

The core idea of mgm A12 is to encapsulate domain-specific knowledge in models. By using a set of powerful tools, domain experts and business analysts are able to create and modify these models – without the need to touch any code. This concept significantly reduces custom development efforts. Moreover, it enables domain-experts to adapt their applications rapidly – which is a competitive factor in a digitized world with fast changing business requirements.

Focus on documents and forms

Most business transactions are handled via some kind of documents. These include contracts, purchase orders and different kinds of requests for example. When it comes to digitizing documents, online forms play a vital role. They specify the structure of documents and determine which data is needed for the business transaction. In all industries, user data is typically retrieved via forms on the one hand. On the other hand, forms can be used as a kind of blueprint for displaying data to users. The A12 tools and components have a strong focus on modeling business processes and documents using a form-based approach. They provide the means to create complex forms with up to thousands of data fields, dependencies and validation rules and bring them into web applications.

Enable cross-platform and cross-device applications

In terms of business applications, the client-side has gained the most traction during the last years. The needs to support mobile end devices like smartphones and tablets and to enable seamless workflows between different systems and platforms have introduced new levels of complexity. The A12 framework responds to these challenges by introducing flexible, light-weight UI-Engines implemented in JavaScript – coupled with a coherent concept for device-independent visual design and modern look and feel.

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