mgm A12: Enterprise Low Code-Platform

mgm A12

Digital sovereignty for companies and public authorities

The mgm A12 Enterprise Low Code Platform allows you to develop and use complex enterprise applications more efficiently and innovatively throughout their entire life cycle.

  • Customer story

    Efficient and innovative

    The tax administration experts at the Bavarian State Tax Office use the A12 Enterprise Low Code Platform to model all validation rules for several types of tax.

    • 25 million

      tax returns / year transmitted digitally

    • 6 million identities

      managed digitally

    • 15,000 simultaneous sessions

      at peak times

    • 95 BIK points

      and certified security on the ELSTER portal

  • „In the implementation of ELSTER we opted for a lean project approach with controllable implementation steps. In small teams our experts for fiscal and taxation matters cooperate directly with the technical experts“

    Roland Krebs
    ELSTER Process manager at BayLfSt.

Low code meets custom development and system integration

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  • LFS
  • LIDL
  • Deerberg
  • HDI
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A12 Enterprise Low Code Platform.
For business. For IT.

    • The A12 modelling concept covers the entire enterprise application.

      Business entities, their relationships with one another, and essential aspects of their value creation are represented in models.

      These models can be adapted over the application’s entire life cycle using specialist editing tools and a powerful language for rules, validations and calculations, regardless of the technology used.

    • Plasma is a highly complex design system for enterprise applications with high information density.

      Plasma includes UI/UX components, usage patterns and design guidelines for the application framework, navigation elements, and notifications. It also handles business objects and their typical workflows.

      Plasma addresses the essential design principles of ergonomics, accessibility, scalability, complexity and device independence.

    • The A12 runtime platform consists of modular client and server-side components that can be used and combined flexibly, and systematically expanded via custom, project-specific developments.

      The kernel, for example, provides functionality for documents, document models, and rule-based validation. The services provide persistence, indexing, and access to data. User Account and Authentication (UAA) is used to manage user accounts.

    • The platform components rely on modern technologies, clear interfaces, and seamless integration with other technologies and systems. Together they form an integrated client-server architecture.

      This supports both classic and cloud infrastructure (Docker, Kubernetes).

      Standards, such as JSON, XML, REST, JDBC, LDAP, SAML, OpenID Connect, OAuth2, JWT and BPMN2, are used wherever possible.

"mgm complies with the digital sovereignty approach, according to which organisations retain sovereignty and knowledge of their own IT systems."

mgm stands for digital sovereignty.

  • On this basis, mgm develops enterprise applications and offers secure, highly scalable industry solutions, especially for commerce, the public sector, and industrial insurance.

    It is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

  • •  Founded in 1994
  • •  850+ employees
  • •  17 locations worldwide
  • •  €103 million in sales 2021 (acc. to German Commercial Code)
  • •  Part of Allgeier SE since 2006
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