Modeling Tools for Analysts

A12 provides a set of tools for business experts and analysts. Using these tools, they can create domain-specific models and build their own multilingual business applications. Programming skills are not required. The modeled business logic and structures of user interfaces can be easily reused.

A12 Data Modeler

  • Create domain-specific data models
  • Describe data structures of business entities like contracts or products
  • Define fields and validation rules
  • Predefined types plus custom type definitions

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A12 Validation Language

  • Reliable and versatile data validation
  • Verify user input and assure data integrity
  • Map business rules to validation criteria
  • Autocomplete and syntax highlighting

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A12 UI Designer

  • Specify the structure and content of user interfaces
  • Create complex online forms, including nested structures
  • Create table- and list-like overviews
  • Organize UI elements without having to dive into design-specifics

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