A12 UI Designer

Design User Interface (UI) models

The A12 UI Designer acts as a counterpart to the A12 Data Modeler. It is a tool for modeling the structures and the contents of user interfaces. UI models refer to A12 data models. They establish connections between the fields of data models and UI elements. Take an input field for example: An UI model describes its position in a form, its label and maybe additional user instructions in a text box. A data model specifies the underlying data type and the validation rules. There is a specialized UI model for every A12 Engine. The A12 Form Engine relies on an A12 form model. The A12 Overview Engine relies on an A12 overview model. Details of the visual representation of UI elements and the general look & feel are governed by mgm Plasma Design – a comprehensive design concept specialized for standardized business applications. UI models are saved as XML-files.

Master complex online forms

Forms lie at the center of many business applications. A12 Forms are comprised of common UI elements like input fields, buttons, labels, check boxes etc. The A12 UI Designer offers powerful ways to organize these elements. You can create nested structures for example or hide whole sections, which are only displayed if certain conditions are met. Moreover, A12 Forms support repeated sections. This is quite useful if the number of certain sections varies.


  • Content-related design approach
  • Organize UI elements without having to dive into design-specifics like colors, margins and spacing
  • Multi-lingual labels
  • Create complex forms, including nested structures and hidden sections, which are only displayed if conditions are met
  • Save A12 UI models as XML-files