A12 Validation Language

Reliable and versatile data validation

The A12 Validation Language is a powerful and versatile language for verifying user input. Based on business requirements it allows the definition of rules which can cover virtually all field-related validation tasks imaginable. The language ranks among the core features of mgm A12 – full-blown data validation is critical for preventing security risks and assuring data integrity in business applications. Using the A12 Validation Language, business analysts and domain experts are able to map their business requirements to validation rules. Error conditions may reference several different fields and groups.


Comfortable specification of rules

The A12 Validation Language contains many predefined predicates out of the box for handling typical validation tasks. It supports nested comparisons, arithmetic operations and provides special operators for handling dates for example. The language is directly supported in the A12 Data Modeler. It can be used in the “Edit Rule” dialogue for specifying error conditions. For conveniently adding and modifying these conditions, the editor features „autocomplete“ and „syntax highlighting“. The A12 Validation Language has been developed by mgm in the context of transactional web applications. It has been used successfully for years in large productive software systems.


  • Powerful and versatile validation language
  • Immediately usable in the A12 Data Modeler
  • Convenient use with Autocomplete and Syntax Highlighting
  • Predefined predicates for fields, lists of fields and groups
  • Arithmetic operations, comparisons, special operators for handling dates, etc.